Transporting Horses QLD NSW VIC SA TAS – It’s not what you do; it’s the way that you do it

Queensland Interstate Horse Transport has been operating for over 35 years and continues to maintain its reputation of being run by friendly, caring and trustworthy operators, well-skilled for the task of transporting it’s precious cargo to predictably arrive safe and sound every time, and all within a competitive price structure.


As a team we are passionate about the personal care of your horse in transit, and also about maintaining reliable follow-through.

With many years of experience in transporting horses as well as being a horse trainer and educator, owner driver Dan McCaul knows there are a number of important requirements for successful horse transport:

  1. The ‘horse knowledge’ and experience of those in charge
  2. Selective skill in driving a horse transporter as opposed to all other driving
  3. Adequate head movement and plenty of airflow/ventilation for all horses during transit
  4. Regular stops whereby the travelling horse is able to urinate and therefore be comfortable
  5. Regular checks on the condition of each and every horse in terms of safety, water, feed and rest.
  6. Good communication with the office and with all parties concerned.


Some of our clientele become concerned over sending their horse off in a large vehicle as opposed to the familiar family float, but it is a fact that floats can sometimes be oppressive and stuffy. We find horses tend to be cooler and more at ease in the roominess and good ventilation of a horse transporter. One of the most common appraisals we receive is that a much-loved horse has arrived and unloaded looking cool and totally unruffled by their journey. This is because we maintain the above important factors to the letter, confident that reactions such as travel sickness, dehydration, sweating and stress of any kind, are eliminated.


Dan’s calm and confident approach assures our clientele immediately that he is the right person for the job. A good horse handler has an air of instilling confidence at all times which horses pick up in an instant!



Transporting Horses QLD NSW VIC SA TAS

“The Professional Horse Team”

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Getting ready for the big event

In the event of horse transportation dry feed only, is best for your horse not only during but also a few days before, and a few days after their journey. We will be providing warm Lucerne hay at all times; this keeps your horse’s stomach settled.

If your horse is traveling to an entirely different environment – an extreme example would be from drought conditions to clover – then it is very important that a progressive approach is taken. The new feed and/or pasture including any grains, needs to be introduced in intervals over the first few days. Also your horse should not be wormed immediately before or immediately after travel. It is best to allow three days either side.

Another tip: Shampoo your horse’s tail. We do our best within time constraints, but because all horses will have the tendency to lean back and rub against the wall of the transporter during their journey, a clean and well-conditioned tail at the outset will more readily slide and slip preventing unnecessary hair loss on the dock.


Your Horse’s Schedule

Regular breaks are an important part of your horse and driver’s journey. Each day en route we have rest stops and every night of the journey there is comfortable, high quality overnight stabling. The equine establishments we use along the way have been an ongoing reliable source for us over many years. Here your horse is regularly checked to ensure he/she is healthy and well-tended with plenty of feed, water and rest.

With Queensland Interstate Horse Transport your horse travels in the same transporter with Dan the owner all the way. We prefer to offer a ten-day turnaround prestige service of this nature, whereby each and every horse will have the very best of care all the way, including no lengthy delays or diversions. Our trips are thoroughly planned and make allowance for the comfort and safely of ALL animals on board. We conduct an efficient, door-to-door service yet we travel with the policy, “Safety not Speed”.


We keep in contact with you and are available at the office between the hours of 8am to 8pm seven days a week on 0411 490 653. Our goal is to provide an exceptional service and a memorable experience, worthy of recommendation.