Queensland Interstate Horse Transport

transporting horses to and from:

VICTORIA, NSW and the southern regions of QUEENSLAND

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SA and Tassy


When it comes to organizing transport for your horse, you want to ensure two major factors. You want to acquire a good, competitive quote. You also want to feel confident about the way your horse will be handled. Our company prides itself in having an owner driver, namely Dan McCaul. Dan is an experienced horse transporter. We also have the added bonus that he is an ex-racehorse trainer. So with your booking you are assured of an owner driver with less overheads and greater invested interest. You are booking with a very personalized service, passionate about maintaining and building the business. You are also guaranteeing for your horse an optimal transporting experience.


Dan has a background of many years from pony club onwards, educating thoroughbreds and training racehorses. He conducts his handling of animals with a warm, confident and calm disposition. Added to his wealth of knowledge and expertise, we can guarantee correct and professional care of your horse.


Our company’s reputation is based on 35 years of experience in transporting horses and donkeys of all breeds, Our cargo always has a healthy experience, arriving at their destination cool, calm, and sometimes a little more educated in the process!


We are committed to providing a truly exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for all concerned – experiences that render us worthy of recommendation.